Saturday, February 16, 2013

Don't Wanna Go Home

Heya guys,
Here's a few places I visited on my trip (that I have photos for LAWL!):

Forever21: Obviously I had to visit F21 as we don't have them in Hanoi, or Topshop, or sephora or cool shops for that matter. Anywhoo I lovee how varied forever 21 is but I can never quite find anything there as much as I'd like to. Their accessories and jewelry section is impeccably stocked however, too bad I'm not much of a jewelry person. I did get two stunning chunky necklaces from there though, you would've seen in my previous posts. 

+sparkly shoes wee
+ahh overwhelming amount of jewelry

+love the interior of F21, the frame's so cute

Sephora: I love love love sephora and as per usual I played around with pretty much everything and only came out with 1 thing, the dior iconic mascara. I'm so happy that the Sephora in Singapore is now stocked with urban decay, philosophy, stila and bare minerals! Yay, I can now try out everything all the fashion youtubers have been raving bout. I had a blast frolicking among all the testers in this place, ain't gonna lie. Spent a few hours applying different mascaras and testing different foundations and indulging in different creams and face products.

+you can just about spot the urban decay section waddup

Topshop: HOLY SHIT TOPSHOP IS THE SHIT. Lucky for me, I received more money this year so I was able to pamper myself and indulge in the lovely contents of this store. It's still ridiculously overpriced but who cares when you have the money. WOOPIE

+Topshop in the KLCC Mall

Victoria's Secret: I think it's almost an obligation for every girl to like Victoria Secrets. It's just so glamorous, it just kind of pull's every girl in, as it did I when I spotted it half way across the mall. I'm not a huge fan of their accessories but their lingerie and bath products are amazinggggg. Their body washes are probably the most exquisite body washes in the world, they're so thick and gooey and urgh. One thing I absolutely hate about ALL body washes is that once you wash it off, the smell only lingers for about 10 minutes and then it's gone, poof.
+Ahh the beautiful Karlie Kloss <3

Apple store: Went in there with my camera just to take a picture of this LOL
+Bug eyes wee

China Town Malaysia: Pretty cool place. Packed with cute little stalls all lined up stocked with cheap clothing and fake designers and good ole' street food. I didn't get anything but it was just nice to have a look around you know? Something a lil' different. The food was pretty awesome, street food is the best.
+Knick Knacks & Souvenir shops


a_mOgS on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

So I'm going back to Hanoi tomorrow, and I'm just dreading school and the workload. I can just see it, the tests, the exams, the excessive homework on top of that, the late nights and blog breaks and the monotonous routine, please make it stop.

On a more inquisitive note; where's your favorite place to shop?



  1. love the pics Linnie and great choice on the dior iconic mascara..lovely follower from IFB : )..


    1. thanks so much for the follow and the dior mascara was definitely a great choice :D xx

  2. Great photos!
    Katie xx

  3. Love the pictures! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know!I am also hosting a giveaway. Kisses <3<3

    1. Hey! Thanks for the follow :D I'll definitely check out your blog and comment where I can but I can't guarantee a follow though! Thanks so much again <3

  4. I love that GIF of the snow! And Sephora has such nice stuff. I just avoid the place altogether! -Jessica L

    1. I agree I love Sephora you should definitely go into it some time :D And that's actually rain :p

  5. Love Sephora too!

  6. Oh man, probably F21 and local boutiques. I find it best to combine unique finds and cheaper trendy bits. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your photos.

    1. I totally agree I love street shopping and looking for cheap finds :D

  7. that's unexpected and I love it

  8. Lovely photos, nice trip:) it seems like you had so much fun out there!
    thank your for your sweet comment on my blog
    kisses from
    StyleGlaze Blog!