Friday, February 1, 2013

The Debauchery of Innocent Girls

  Reports have arrived and I'm stressed and sad and missing someone or something or some time. I don't know. All I know is that I'm kind of excited for my Singapore/Malaysian trip not only because I get to shop but also because I just want to get away from this place and go somewhere a little distant. Just pluck myself out from here and plonk myself back into a sea of people that I don't know. People that have no former knowledge of my disposition, people who don't expect anything from me, you know? The feeling of being anonymous in a room full of people can be one of the best feelings ever.

Outfit Dets:
Top - Thrifted & DIYed
Skirt - Random brand from Hong Kong
Shoes - Converse, fake

/apologies for the crinkliness of my top, I'm not accustomed to ironing my clothes, ahah, fashion sin? nah.

/DIY crop top waddup

An outfit creation. I feel like this can be a very "auntie", conservative type of outfit, but the crop top adds a little sauciness, also, I watched Jane Eyre, so I thought the title was appropriate, aha. Too bad I wasn't able to catch the first quarter of the film. I kind of want to cry a little. It was so heart wrenching and Michael Fassbender was soo yummy and passionate in the film, my ovaries can't take it. Even though the movie had a somewhat happy ending it has still left me utterly depressed. I recommend this film to those who are looking for bittersweet romances to watch, it'll make you feel so much!!

Probably my favorite scene of the film (spoiler alert):
Rochester: Listen to me. Listen.
(he puts his hands round her throat and beings to cry)
Rochester: I could bend you with my finger and my thumb! A mere reed you feel in my hands.
(he lets go of her throat and she gets up from her seat and he holds onto her skirt)
Rochester: But whatever I do with this cage, I cannot get at you. And it is your soul that I want. Why don't you come of your free will? 
Jane Eyre: God help me!
(she pushes his hands away from her skirt and walks out of the room)

Also I just want to give a shout out to Thrifty Dayss! Thanks for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I'm floored! Check her out everyone! She's awesome! :D



  1. Nice outfit and I'll definitely check out the movie, sounds like the type I would love to see.

    x Mariana |

    1. Thanks! And you definitely should :D!! You won't regret it!

  2. Cute outfit. :)

    xx MJ

  3. Such a lovely outfit, really summery!


  4. I saw Jane Eyre a while back and liked it! And congrats on the nomination! Also, thanks for your sweet comment!

    FashionEdible Blog

    1. Yeah, Jane Eyre's awesome!! & Thanks so much :D

  5. Linnie! Get in Facebook. We can go to bobby chin right next to your house!! :)

    1. Hahha, woops didn't see this earlier <3

  6. Really love your outfit, shared it on pinterest: