Sunday, December 30, 2012

The birth of this blog

Been wanting to start a blog for the longest time and now I'm finally doing it! I thought creating this right before the new year started would be kind of awesome, and let's be frank, remembering the birthdate of this blog a few years from now will be a piece of cake. So hihihihhiih to everyone! Call me Linnie, I'm 16 though judging from my face that might be questionable, I'm viet/singaporean, currently residing in the friendly city of Hanoi. I like expressing my emotions in the form of short paragraphs also known as proses, but I feel like the word prose sounds a little snobbish and quite frankly I don't think my writing deserves the title. However, you will see none of my crazy girl fantasy rants here as this blog will primarily be for the fashion and beauty interests that take up the other half of my heart. I'll post something cooler tomorrow I promise. As for my day today, I went to a flea market with mah pal Fugi, only to leave utterly disappointed and with my wallet untouched, oh and of course the waste-of-money-admissions ticket. Even though it only cost us $1.5, money wasted is still money wasted no matter how much or how little. Say hi to possibly the most frugal person you'll ever meet. Now I'm just indulging in some suzanne collins before I take my make up off and fluff my pillow. Adios xxx

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