Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bring on the New Year

On my boday today: floral crop top - f21, distressed vintage puma high waisted shorts - mom's, - vintage denim jacket - mom's, - pink high top converse - inherited from a friend xx

Sooo tomorrow's the start of the new year guys hoorahh!! It's that time of the year where we get out our sketchpads and pens and come up with the new year resolutions that we're never going to do!!! Of course we're all guilty of knowing better but we decide to make a list anyway because what's life without a list of goals? Pointless and boring, right? Nah not really. But we like to feel like we're getting somewhere with our lives, no one wants to admit that they're perfectly contented with their current wellbeing, you don't want people to think you're happy with being a fuckup, tha'ts unorthodox. And who knows maybe our goals will me met this time, or is that just something we tell ourselves. I thought I'd make my own list of goals, because I love making lists, not a drastic change from my 2012 list,....but here;;
I must say list resolution 2013 is definitely more centered around my academic career, colleges don't take bullshit and I hope I get into one that's worthy enough.

As for today I'll be spending time with my beloved dad who has a 2 day break from work HOORAH  and studying for my much dreaded math exams coming up right after this winter break, just because its time after 2 weeks of procrastinating like a bitch. I absolutely hate math, the linear half of  my brain isn't work most of the time. Maybe if I practiced more like my dad tells me to I'd like it a little, but I doubt it so why practice at all. Gonna get some OJ, just to get the juices going before I crack open the spine of my math book. Ciao xx