Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mascara Talk: Getting Long Thick Lashes

Hi guys! So today I thought I'd share with you how I make my eyes pop and looking hella fine with just mascara! If you have stubborn asian eyes/lashes like me this will be great for you! If you're not into thick chunky lashes however, this will not be great you! If that's the case, please scroll down and avert your glance to my other posts (shameless self promo yay).
What you need:
1. Your best eye lash curler
2. Your best waterproof mascara
3. Your best non waterproof mascara

 |just my naked eye, it looks as if there are white flakes on my lashes but that's just weird lighting!|
 1. Clamp those babies, if you already have naturally curled lashes then you may skip this part if you'd like
2. Apply a coat of the waterproof mascara to your top lashes. Make sure you don't miss any lashes! I use the Maybelline Falsies. What the waterproof mascara does is it holds your curl tall and mighty!

 3. If you find it hard to get to your roots simply lift your lid up and proceed. You can also try blinking but that doesn't work too well for. Also, expect to get mascara on your eye lids, you can just use a q - tip to get that off when you're done!
 4. Apply a coat of non waterproof mascara to your upper lashes. What the non waterproof mascara does is it thickens your lashes. Yes you run the risk of having chunkier and spidery looking lashes, but I think that's part of the appeal ( i know many people don't, oops)!
 5. Now onto the bottom lashes! Coat some non water proof mascara onto them and the more coats you apply the thicker and longer they will look.

I know the way I do my mascara may not be everyone's cup of tea because they're too "thick" and they're not "natural looking enough", but if you want natural why not just go without?! 

What do you think? And how do you like your mascara bold, thick and chunky or natural light and feathery?

Linnie xo


  1. Such a useful tip - I shall be trying that tomorrow! Thanks!


  2. You can really see the difference curling makes for your lashes! Great tips:)


  3. i like 'em thick when i want to go with dramatic smokey eye look. thick coat of mascara is a must :D

    anyway, i hope you can join my ongoing international giveaway *here*

  4. wow your lashes look amazing! lovely post hun. x