Friday, August 2, 2013

OOTN: Dinner Party and day out with my homies

So today is Singapore's Birthday, sadly I have no recollection of how old Singapore is. I went to a dinner party, ate some good ole' Singaporean food and mingled with people that I'll only meet again next year when Singapore's birthday comes along again. This was what I decided to wear. I wanted to be a little more conservative as both my parents and I feel like I've been flashing a little too much skin lately! Yikes! So I slapped on my high waisted thrifted mom jeans, my mom's gorgeous vintage bird top and my new favorite pair of black strappy sandal platforms from cotton on! For accessories, I got out my F21 golden chain necklace and wore some golden rings to go along. On my lips I have infrared by topshop and on my lashes I have the Maybelline Falsies and Bourjois's Volumizer mascara! 

|Today I met up for coffee with these two lovelies|


|headed over to fugi's afterwards along with quinnie! we had makeup makeovers, tried on a bunch of clothes and pampered ourselves with manicures| 

How was your day?
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  1. i love all the items of your outfit , always a delight to check out your blog sweetie ,

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  2. your style is impeccible and your blog is beautiful, gained a follower here!x

  3. I really like the top on your OOTN.


  4. Lovely outfit! It looks like you had a lot of fun.


  5. Great outfit, I really like this style! Cool blog!

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  6. you have great style! i love it
    totally following
    xo Jessica
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  7. That's an awesome top, i love the bird print x

  8. Love this look! sounds like a great day!